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Avinash Pandey

Certified from TFI(Taekwondo Federatin of India)

Black Belt(4th Dan)

Trained under WTF(World Taekwondo Federation)

Shihan Avinash Pandey

(President and Founder)

He is the Shihan (Cheif Instructor) of our institute. With experience in training in the field of contact sports of over 8+ years, he has achieved many milestones and learnt alot of different priciples of fighting techniques.
He started his journey into the field of martial arts at the of 14 yrs. While he was in school, he went through some expiriences which made him realise that how impportant is it to take care of one's fitness and to be athletic if not combat ready at the same time.
So at the mere age of 14 he joined a local gym in his hometown where he first got a taste of modern taekwondo. It was really hard for a common with normal dreams to have such a high ambition in life, but he plouged right htrough those hardships and gained the status of a Shihan.
In the meantime, he also gained knowledge and excellence in other fighting techniques like kickboxing, boxing and mma.

He has participated in alot of Taekwondo competitions like:

  • Delhi State Taekwondo Championship 2012
  • Open National Championship Darjeeling 2013
  • JKD Delhi 2013
  • JKD Bombay 2014

He is known for his decorous behavior that is the salient feature of his success. His institutions look like a flower filled garden for the student. He easily creates an environment with enthusiasm that's become easy for student to learn martial arts. During the training session he is very strict, punctual & hard working. He always feels, it is an onerous task to make his students champion & he proved it, so many times. He has practical and easy way to teach the skills. He always co-operates to promote martial arts.
His training method is completely different from the conventional martial arts gurus. He believes in compassion and always pushes his students to go one step beyond their thresholds in order to increase their overall ability so that they can gain in a wholesome. His ideals in the field include B.A.Gong Sir (who is also his mentor in the field of taekwondo), Leung Bik(Ip Man's son), Ip Man(Bruce lee's Master), Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and any other great personalities.

Many of our students have reached state and national level of excellence in the field of taekwondo like:

  • Amritansh(State level)
  • Anand (State level)
  • Kanishka (State level)
  • Shubham (State level)
  • Ananta (State level)
  • Taman (State level)

Now his goal is to create more future champions and martial artists with his knowlodge and extreme dedication. Each day he teaches someone a new technique who goes out in life and uses it not only for defense purpose but also to have a better lifestyle where discipline and devotion is the main motive.

Join his journey.
Reach towards excellence.

Classes Details

Demo Classes
Rs 200 /One Class
  • Age 6+ years old
  • Classes Available MON-SAT
  • Class Duration 1 hours
  • Morning Slots 6am-10am
  • Evening Slots 5pm-9pm
Senior's Classes
Fee/ Cantact
  • Age 15+ years old
  • Classes Available MON-SAT
  • Class Duration 1 hours
  • Morning Slots 6am-10am
  • Evening Slots 5pm-9pm
Junior's Classes
Fee/ Cantact
  • Age 6 to 14 years old
  • Classes Available MON-SAT
  • Class Duration 1 hours
  • Morning Slots 6am-10am
  • Evening Slots 5pm-9pm

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